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Friday, May 24, 2013

This proposed tax increase is Dead!  Buckley sent his people out among the people and were kicked off of every front porch they stepped on.

Here again is a document created by Mayor Buckley.

Click on the Document to make it bigger for viewing or to download it.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Mayor is completely correct when he states on his personal Facebook Page that I was at City Hall today and did not pick up the emails or pay the $89.00 or whatever chump change number he came up with.     There is no doubt I will pick up the emails or pay the money.  Why would I not want to look at the emails that generated the HUGE amount of trashing that I took from his people on the Blog. Take a look at the comments on that one.  There has to be something funky smelling in there or I would have been handed them with a smile and a hearty handshake.

By the way, I did ask for the emails to be given to me electronically since they are electronic it only makes sense. Instead of allegedly spending 3 hours printing he could have just hit a button or 2.

I had a meeting with Linda Moore who is in charge of the Sanitation Billing and the Clerk Treasurer Dan McMillan regarding an information request I had previously made.  I was going over those documents and making sure that I had a clear understanding of how the billing worked and that my numbers were correct.

I am only 1 person.  I have to deal with the missteps of the City of Beech Grove Administration 1 thing at a time.  Here are the numbers and documents with no editorial additions as promised on an earlier post this week.  Grovers are smart enough to read and figure things out for themselves, they don't need me sticking my 2 cents in.

The rate that a Homeowner pays for Sanitation in Beech Grove just got raised to a Flat Rate of $24.95. Everyone saw their bill go up correct?  After several meetings that the Mayor and the City Attorney had with the lawyers of the Apartment Complexes it ends up that they are not being charged an amount equal to what the Homeowners are.  They were cut a different deal and here's how the numbers play out based on the information I was given. The documents are posted below the text as usual.

There are 1935 Apartment Units in the City of Beech Grove.  If they paid the same Flat Rate that a Homeowner pays then that would add up like this  1935 X $24.95 = $48,278.25 monthly or $579,339.00 yearly.

In the 2 billing cycles since the Mayor made the deal with the Apartment complexes they have paid these 2 amounts.  3/4/13 = $22,768.13 and 3/27/13 $13,572.35.  Both are monthly figures.  I suggested to Linda Moore that I average the 2 months out to account for any spikes in billing and to make the number more accountable, she agreed.  So now we add the 2 numbers and get $36,340.48 then we divide that number by 2 to get an average number for the 2 months just to be fair and accurate that number is $18,170.24 monthly or only $218,042.88 for the entire year.

If the Apartment Complexes got charged the same amount that the Homeowners get charged there would not be a $361,296.12 difference in the numbers correct?

As usual please click on the images to enlarge them and to make them available for download.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Difference of Presenting Issues Pertaining to the City of Beech Grove...

Several people have complained(most of them being anonymous I might add) that they didn't like my delivery methods of my point of view of the issues involving Beech Grove with most of them being dead on the the money that I was being a complete jackass even though they could not prove what I said or posted was wrong.  I really didn't feel the need to be nice to someone who isn't smart enough to read a document and understand that it was requested from the city and that the political figure it was created by was the actual one at fault for the document.  I have spoken with some wise people in the last couple of weeks about attitudes and the way people are and no matter what evidence you put in front of some people or attempt to sanely debate an issue they are incapable of such actions.  These wise people also stated as we all know very well that when someone is busted and they have no way out of it they attack everything they can get their hands on to distract people from the issue at hand.  Even to the point of dropping "N" Bombs on my daughter in law, attacking my wife and my daughter.  I have decided that I will present what I have to share in a professional and simple enough manner for all to understand and let the facts speak for themselves.  If the people of Beech Grove continue to let things they know are flat out wrong or illegal continue once they know they are there and proven with documents well then they lie in their own bed and I did my job.  It will take a tremendous amount of fun out of it but decorum requires that I make this adjustment.  And no, not to worry, for those who truly know me don't freak out I am not growing up, just making a tactical move on FB and the Blog to being more mellow.  Anyone who says they are grown up is usually very boring.

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